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Gilt Tulwar

Place of Origin: Northern India

Date: 18th - 19th Century

Overall Length: 950mm (37.5 Inches)

Reference: 396

Status: Available

Full Description:

The gold hilt of this sublime tulwar is elaborately decorated over its surface with a pleasing range of motifs and patterns: a large lotus flower blossoms at the middle of the crossguard and is encircled by a winding vine tendril which continues curling its way up the centrally swollen grip, flanked at either side throughout with further flowerheads on a finely stippled ground. The sides of the domed quillons are lined with chevrons, and a round pommel disc decorated with further flowerheads and vines completes the hilt.

A thick Syrian trade blade of wootz steel extends to a considerable length from the hilt and is etched over the surface on one face with a trio of cartouches which comprise two calligraphic panels and a central lion in shallow relief.

The sword is complete with a scabbard covered in green velvet which is made resplendent by its gilt locket and chape, which have each been decorated en suite with the hilt and cut and pierced at their edges.


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