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Kirach Sword

Place of Origin: Rajasthan (Mewar), India

Date: 18th Century

Overall Length: 830mm (32.5 Inches)

Reference: 377

Status: Sold

Full Description:

The silver hilt of this impressive sword has been carefully moulded to depict the head of an elegant Mewari pony. The animal is fully bridled, its hair swept to one side and elaborately tied in the Rajasthani manner, many of its features in shallow relief against the smooth surface of the hilt to give the work a real sense of life and texture. The animal’s ears curl inwards – a feature which helps to identify the animal specifically as a Mewari pony.

Armoury marks are stamped into the pattern-welded blade of typical form; a wonderful undulating pattern makes its way along the blade’s length just short of the cutting edge. The sword is complete with its black cross-hatched leather scabbard, including a chape of sheet silver which matches the hilt.

Comparanda for this piece can be found in important publications and collections: a sword published by Ricketts & Missillier shows a similar style and decoration.[1] A dagger forged with a Mewari-pony hilt was also published by Runjeet Singh in Arms & Armour from the East 2015, Cat. No. 11.[2]


[1] H. Ricketts & P. Missillier, Splendeur des Armes Orientales, p. 143, No. 247.


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