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Large Gold Katar

Place of Origin: North India

Date: 19th Century

Total length: 505mm

Reference: 092

Status: Sold

Full Description:

The katar offered here is a classical example of this particular weapon which is unique to the Indian sub-continent, and has been part of the formal dress of Indian and Mughal royalty for centuries.  It is represented frequently in the Hamza-nama (1562-1577) and other period Indian paintings, sculpture and coinage.  This specimen is set apart from others by the fine condition, impressive size and powerful proportions.

The steel hilt which is as long as the blade, is precisely decorated with thick gold koftgari in stylised floral and repeating patterns which act as frames for the central undecorated surfaces which show evidence of wootz damascus (watered) steel.

The heavy armour-piercing blade has a polished edge, and a sunken central panel which displays a fine wootz pattern.  There are central arrow-shaped fullers, and two c-scrolls at the forte with a small decorative border.  The original wooden scabbard is covered with green velvet fitted with a silver chape beautifully pierced and cut with typical Indian decorative motifs.


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