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Wooden Helmet (Oklop)

Place of Origin: Philippines

Date: 19th Century

Bowl Diameter: 185mm

Reference: 091

Status: Sold

Full Description:

A wooden hat or helmet, known as an Oklop, from the Philippines circa 19th century.  Despite the precise ribs of the bowl, the maker has captured a sense of nature, and influence could have been taken from the sea and marine life.  The scalloped brim is carved in an identical fashion to an Ifugao Duyu utilitarian bowl, which in turn mimics the star shaped shell ornaments worn as belt decorations by the upper classes. 

The wooden helmets that were developed and worn by the northern tribes of the Philippines doubled as bowls and water vessels when needed, the artefact in question however, because of its shape, refinement and polish, is a different animal altogether, undoubtedly the property of a man of Chiefly Rank.

A collection marking of P.L.53 in white ink under the brim.


Purportedly collected in the Philippines in 1926, by A.W. Price who was a member of the 31st Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army.

Sold by the Price family to D.A.Schenne, New York in 1999.


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