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Kutch Katar

Place of Origin: Western India

Date: 19th Century

Overall length:: 505mm

Blade length:: 320mm

Reference: 003

Status: Sold

Full Description:

A distinctive 19th Century Indian Katar punch dagger from Sind or Kutch, described as a ‘Garsoee Katar’ by Egerton.

A heavy and large example, with an armour piercing steel blade with swollen diamond shaped tip, the lower part having a flat central panel, and two tapering sides with sharp edges.  The forte is chased with a central blossoming flower with large scrolling leafy stalks, decorated with heavily applied gilt-silver.  The hilt is decorated in the same manner, with repeating six-petalled flowers linked by leafy stems, in a style frequently seen on richly decorated objects from all over India.

The hilt shape is the most characteristic feature on this form of Katar, the eye is immediately drawn to the rhomboidal grip, which sits on the grip bar and provides a comfortable hold.  It has heavily flattened corners which are chased with leafy stems, and the large faces pierced and chased with flowers.  The side bars curve in and out of the central grip, where a large sculpted flowering bud waits to blossom on either side.  Then there is the V shaped bar which connects to the blade, and the intriguing subtle hooks modelled into the inside of the top, and side bars. 


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