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Bejewelled Dagger

Place of Origin: India/Turkey

Date: 17th/18th Century

Reference: 065

Status: Sold

Full Description:

A wonderful Khanjar or Jambiya dagger of almost identical form to a well-known example in the Dresden Armoury (Rustkammer, Staaliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden), Inv. No. Y143, illustrated in Holger Schuckelt, The Turkish Chamber (2010), p124-5, which was captured as booty at Varna by the Russians in 1828, and presented to Prince Carl of Prussia by Tsar Nicholas I.

This example with a similar pale nephrite jade hilt and scabbard mounts, has more complex and abundant decoration with large flower heads and fruits in groupings of cabochon rubies, and leaves with cabochon emeralds.  The base of the hilt with a row of small rubies and larger emeralds of ascending size, and the apex of the pommel with a double row of rubies terminating with green emerald tendrils on each side.  The stones all set in the ottoman style, secured within silver gilt shaped collets and straps in imitation of Indian kundan work.

The wavy snake like blade of watered steel, with traces of gold decoration remain at the forte and a gold border along the edges.  The original wooden scabbard, re-covered in its later life, fitted with original throat piece and chape of matching jade.

Provenance – Purchased by an American gentleman on the American market in the 1950’s, sold to the London trade 2016.


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