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Keris with ujung ujung (mountain tips) pamor

Place of Origin: Surakatra, Java, Indonesia

Date: Mid-20th Century

Total Length:: 495 mm (19 ½ inches)

Length of Blade:: 380 mm (15 inches)

Reference: 500

Status: Reserved

Price: £1950

Full Description:

A highly attractive mid-20th century keris made by a master empu (keris maker) in Surakarta, Java. The striking blade having 11 luk (waves) has the pamor (blade pattern) known as ujung ujung (mountain tips). A classical hilt and scabbard, with the wrangka (scabbard throat piece) large and particularly sculptural. The scabbard lacquered in red (a small loss to the top), a colour associated with the royal household. The mendak (the ring between the hilt and the scabbard) in gilt copper mounted with small quarts crystals.

Often the original intention that the keris has magical and spiritual qualities is ignored, and the keris just considered an object or a weapon. In honour of the traditions of the keris and the empu (talented smiths) who made them, I would like to note what each pamor represents. Here pamor ujung ujung repels gossip and criminality. Favourable for traders.

Private collection, Netherlands
Polak Works of Art, Amsterdam


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