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Keris with hilt depicting the demon Buta Nawasari

Place of Origin: Bali, Indonesia

Date: 19th Century

Total Length:: 645 mm (25 ½ inches)

Length of Blade:: 445 mm (17 ½ inches)

Reference: 502

Status: Available

Price: £2600

Full Description:

Materials: Steel, wood, silver, semi-precious stones

A handsome and substantial 19th century keris from Bali. The dapur (blade shape) is known as karna tinanding with 3 luk (waves) and of a particular rare and sought after shape. The pamor (blade pattern) is beras wutah (scattered rice). The wrangka (scabbard throat piece) is in the batun poh style in jati wood. The main body of the scabbard having jati wood veneer.

The hilt nicely formed in silver depicting the demon Buta Nawasari set with cabochons stones in various colours.

Often the original intention that the keris has magical and spiritual qualities is ignored, and the keris just considered an object or a weapon. In honour of the traditions of the keris and the empu (talented smiths) who made them, I would like to note what each pamor represents. Here pamor beras wutah (spilled rice) aids in spiritual and material wealth.


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