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Stiletto Dagger

Place of Origin: Europe

Date: 19th Century

Overall: 245mm (9 ½ inches)

Reference: 467

Status: Sold

Full Description:

A beautiful, but mysterious, short stiletto knife. I consulted numerous friends in the field of arms and  armour and had many debates and interesting discussions, nearly all of which were inconclusive. Some say Ottoman, others Italian or Spanish (with influences from Zuloaga, or Hispano-Arab work). However, one discussion seemed to provide the best evidence. It is most likely this is a French prostitute’s dagger or ‘dague de prostituée’. The size and shape of the dagger, and the blade cross- section, which is in a diamond shape, are all good indicators.

The grip is made from a beautifully polished piece of pinky-brown agate, with bands of various shades running through the stone. A central window frames a crystallised section of stone. The russet iron pommel and bolster are chiselled with an endless knot pattern and highlighted with gold. The iron scabbard is overlaid with detailed gold grapes and vines on a stippled ground.


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