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Place of Origin: Deccan, India

Date: 17th -18th Century

Overall Length: 1000mm (39 ½ inches)

Reference: 411

Status: Sold

Full Description:

This fine silver tulwar is exhibits delightful artistry and an elegant composition, likely originating from The Deccan in southwestern India. A pattern of slender silver leaves (possibly of the betel plant) framed within a border of four-petalled flowerheads and long splayed branches in miniature is overlaid across all surfaces of the hilt which comprises stylised floral langets, domed quillons, a recurved hand-guard terminating in an engraved makara-head finial, and a disc-shaped pommel attached with a pierced bracket for suspension. 

The pattern-welded blade fitted to the hilt is formed with a wide section at the base which gradually tapers towards the point, as well as a pronounced cutting-edge. As is typical of such swords, the blade curves sharply to one side at approximately halfway along its length.

A sword of remarkably similar decoration (Cat. No. 18)[1] was exhibited by Runjeet Singh Ltd in Arms, Armour & Works of Art - London 2019.[2]


[2] See Runjeet Singh Ltd, Arms, Armour & Works of Art - London 2019, pp.54-55, Cat. No. 18.


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