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Leather Powder Flask

Place of Origin: Deccan or Mughal Dominions, India

Date: 17th -18th Century

Overall: 215mm (8.5 Inches)

Reference: 400

Status: Available

Full Description:

The decorative patterns of blossoming lotuses found on this rare, tooled leather powder flask are commonly seen on the jade dagger hilts produced by Mughal artisans and are here rendered just as beautifully. The main body of the flask is filled throughout with floral flourishes and foliate borders: winding lotus flowers in bloom stand out against a stippled ground between long splayed leaves in a sequence which tapers gradually in tandem with the flask’s body. A brown leather thong is tied at each end for suspension at the wearer’s waist. The stopper inserted at the flask’s ivory nozzle is a wooden replacement (though originally it would have likely been formed from a more precious material).


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