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Sikh Tulwar

Place of Origin: Sikh Empire (Punjab)

Date: Mid-19th Century

Overall Length: 940mm (37.5 Inches)

Reference: 397

Status: Sold

Full Description:

The hilt of this tulwar has been generously overlaid with multi-petalled flowerheads in gold: the koftgari work is typical of tulwars made towards the end of the Sikh Empire (1799-1849) in the Punjab workshops. The hilt comprises langets with lotus-head outlines, domed quillons, and a centrally swollen grip. A knuckle guard with animal-head terminal recurves toward the disc-pommel which has been attached with a pointed sunburst plaque, a decorative feature further fitted at its centre with a lightly fluted dome and lotus bud finial.

A pattern-welded blade of considerable size and quality is fitted to the hilt and exhibits a beautiful pattern of gentle waves and hazy swirls over its surface. A graceful fuller has been cut over the greater part of the central section, the blade curving sharply to one side at approximately halfway along its length.


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