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Ottoman Shamshir

Place of Origin: Ottoman Turkey

Date: 19th Century

Overall Length: 940mm (37 Inches)

Reference: 378

Status: Sold

Full Description:

The rhino-horn grip scales of this superb shamshir have been smoothed and polished to present a fine surface, the dark steel cross-guard decorated with foliate and floral motifs in gold. In keeping with their lotus-bud form, both quillons depict a tapering ridged leaf over each of their faceted surfaces, the guard then cut and inlaid to depict four stylised lotusheads which meet at the centre.

The blade – which curves sharply at approximately the mid-point of its length – exhibits the expected shape, though its quality is superior, forged from an exceptionally fine watered Persian steel.

But the sword is still more remarkable for its black leather scabbard, the mounts of which are adorned throughout in gold to depict harmonious motifs en suite with the hilt. Panels of meeting lotus flowers such as those on the hilt follow a calligraphic cartouche and a majestic display of blossoming flowerheads over the locket. The chape mirrors the flowerhead-pattern of the locket, the slender ‘stem’ of the second flower intersected by six-pointed stars containing further calligraphic inscriptions.


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