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Date: 19th Century

Overall Height: 150mm (6 Inches)

Reference: 350

Status: Available

Full Description:

These copper-gilt stirrups are generously decorated throughout with foliate patterns and inset stones. At the top of each stirrup is a slot for threading through a strap, the surface of each carefully decorated with small circles in parts and moulded to depict stylised acanthus leaves that splay over the top-bar.

This decorative motif recurs at the corners where the top-bar merges into the sloping side-plates, which have each been cut to depict a symmetrical array of scrolling vine tendrils. Inset on one side-plate of each stirrup are three roundels and two rectangular segments of a reddish semi-precious stone with white striations (likely carnelian), enclosed by carefully lined edges. The roundels are further inlaid with gold decoration to depict stylised petals which – together with central beaded studs – give the appearance of flowerheads. To accommodate the boots of Ottoman riders, the treads are long, wide, and curved, their square corners serving also as a practical substitute for spurs.

A pair similar to the present example, inset with beads of turquoise, is preserved in the Kremlin in Russia and recorded in a Spanish publication by José-A. Godoy.[1]


Private European collection

[1] José-A. Godoy (Spanish text), N.S. Vladimirskaya (ed.) et al., Tesoros del Kremlin: Ceremonial de gala en la Rusia del siglo XVII, Hirmer Verlag Munich, 1990, No. 38.


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