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Place of Origin: DECCAN, INDIA

Date: 17th Century

Overall: 38.5" Inches

Reference: 257

Status: Sold

Full Description:

The hilt of this tulwar is inlaid with true damascened gold irises and detailed leafy foliage, all set on a blued ground that provides a rich contrast often worn away on other examples. The heavy and wide cavalry-style blade is made of Indian crystalline wootz.

The wooden scabbard is covered with red silk velvet and fitted with a throat-piece and chape, both of which have been crafted from solid gold, the highly skilled openwork showing lovebirds perching and grooming, embraced by plant life while, above and below, borders of serpentine stems enclose all.

The al-Sabah collection in Kuwait has two similar examples and both are illustrated by Salam Kaoukji in the 2017 book Precious Indian Weapons[1].


[1] S. Kaoukji, Precious Indian Weapons and other Princely Accoutrements, Thames & Hudson, 2017, p.294-299, no’s 105 & 107.


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