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Chiselled Tulwar

Place of Origin: Rajasthan (India)

Date: 18th-19th Century

Reference: 016

Status: Sold

Full Description:

A late 18th or early 19th century Indian shamshir sword with heavily chiselled and chased iron tulwar hilt in floral scroll and foliate interlace arrangements, all done in a style that suggests the craftsman was influenced by silver work from Kutch.

Delicate quillion stalks, with large rounded quillion terminals, a knuckle chased with a leafy stalk and a makara finial.  The hilt has a pronounced cant which is a feature seen on various northern tulwars, but frequently on 17th or 18th century tulwar swords from Sind.  A large pommel disk with a floral border, and further central sunburst disc with a round bulbous finial.

A heavy steel, wedge shaped blade of considerable curvature in high polish, housed in a contemporary wooden scabbard with silver chape. 


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