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Chinese Polearm

Place of Origin: China

Date: 19th Century (Qing period)

Overall: 1020mm (40 inches)

Reference: 176

Status: Sold

Full Description:

This heavy Chinese polearm has an unusual form. The single-edged blade has a slightly cup-shaped, concave tip—a feature found on Indian and Nepalese kora that were used to trap an enemy’s striking arm or weapon. The integral, two-stage socket is designed to fit a round shaft. A central knop is faceted with triangles before the upper part transitions into a square section that extends to the blade. This faceting of the knop and the socket are the most telling clues to the polearm’s Chinese attribution, however, similar published examples are not known to the author at this time.

Mounted on a short, red shaft and metal base for display, the original 5-foot-long wooden shaft is also retained.


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