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Marble Khanjar

Place of Origin: Mughal, India

Date: 17th/18th Century

Overall Length: 340mm

Blade Length: 220mm

Reference: 012

Status: Sold

Full Description:

A scarce form of Indian 'Khanjar' dagger with a marble hilt carved in the form of a Sheep’s head.

The re-curved blade is forged from Wootz Damascus steel, and has a raised central V shaped spine.  The off-white patinated stone hilt is thoughtfully carved and the face has a lifelike manner, with large drooping ears (one partly broken) and large eyes.  The top of the head has a stylised fleece pattern in a pleasing rosette arrangement.  The back of the head has a rising neck collar that provides a comfortable position for the thumb to sit when the dagger is held in an ice-pick hand position.

A dagger with a hilt in the same style is illustrated in Islamic Arms and Armour from Private Danish Collections (P.176, Nr.140).

A scarce subject matter for zoomorphic Mughal carved hilts.


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