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Pierced Kard

Place of Origin: Persia

Date: 17th Century


Reference: 164

Status: Sold

Full Description:

This Persian kard dagger comes from the same collection as the previous example and shares many of the former’s features. This blade is also of wootz Damascus steel and has an armour-piercing tip. The base of the blade on this example has a panel that is chiselled in high relief and depicts two birds hiding amongst flowers and foliage. The base of the spine also shows a single bird within flowers. The bolster is etched to imitate pierced decorations while the backstrap is deeply pierced with scrolling arabesques in a complex and beautiful arrangement. The kard is protected by a wooden scabbard that is covered with brown leather and mounted with a silver chape and locket, chased with a decoration in the form of an unidentified military insignia.

A similarly pierced kard dagger is in the Tanavoli collection1 and dated to 1024 H (1615–1616 AD).

1 Allan, Persian Steel: The Tanavoli Collection, 2000, p.39, no.11.


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