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Mewari Horse Khanjar

Place of Origin: Rajasthan (Mewar), India

Date: 18th Century

Overall Length: 375mm

Blade Length: 260mm

Reference: 011

Status: Sold

Full Description:

An impressive 18th Century Khanjar dagger from Rajasthan with the hilt in the form of a Mewari pony.

The iron hilt is covered with thick silver-gilt sheet and the modelled pony is fully bridled and the mane swept to one side and elaborately tied in the Rajasthani manner.  Overall set with 23 turquoises and 3 rubies, the inward curling ears an interesting feature that distinguishes this animal as a Mewari pony.

The re-curving blade displays a pattern welded damascus pattern, sometime referred to as mechanical Damascus.  It is steel produced by several metal pieces of differing composition forge-welded together and twisted and manipulated to form an attractive pattern.  It has a raised central spine, hollow ground central panels and a swollen tip, certainly forged and made by a master craftsman.

The original wooden scabbard covered with nicely faded and aged green and red velvet.

On occasion Indian makers would sometimes produce sword and dagger sets, or the same maker or workshop would make a number of different items in the same manner.  The dagger offered here is almost identical in style and decoration to that of a sword shown in the well-known book Splendeur Des Arms Orientales (H.Ricketts & P.Missillier, P.143, no.247); and to a dagger published by R.Hales (P.44, no.95).  A further silver hilted example shown again by Hales (P.40, no.89).


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