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Agate Knife

Place of Origin: Korea, Choson Dynasty

Date: 18th to 19th Century

Overall Length: 310mm

Reference: 112

Status: Sold

Full Description:

An exceptionally fine Korean eating knife known as an eunjangdo.  Eunjangdo usually employ silver as their primary material and are worn by both men and women, sometimes with chopsticks—much like eating knives from China.

This example has an agate hilt and blonde tortoise-shell scabbard, suggesting it was a special commission for a wealthy patron.  The large stone hilt of octagonal form has a tinge of pink, and displays a spectacular grain, set against a silver collar.

The simple, functional blade is typical for these knives, being straight with a single cutting edge.  The wooden scabbard is covered with a veneer of blonde tortoise-shell and mounted with heavily gilded copper fittings.  This eunjangdo  is a traditional Korean accessory, and is fitted with a suspension ring to suspend it from the wearer’s belt or norigae  when wearing the hanbok garment.

A gilt-copper pickle skewer slides into the scabbard alongside the knife. It is faceted on the outer surface, with a flat inner surface, and surmounted with a very decoratively shaped button in the form of a chrysanthemum flower.


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