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Peytral (Chest Straps for a Horse)

Place of Origin: Bukhara

Date: 19th Century

Reference: 103

Status: Sold

Full Description:

A highly decorative peytral; a horse breastplate, a piece of equestrian accoutrement, decorated in the distinctive Bukharan manner.  Peytrals are intended to keep the saddle or harness from sliding backwards, and are positioned around the animal’s chest.  Comprising three silver bosses and smaller chapes and buckles, all inlaid with flat turquoise in typical geometric patterns.  Three leather belts attach to the central larger boss and are cotton stitched with diamond patterns in vibrant yellow and red, with a blue/green border, all highlighted with silver wire.

Equestrian caparison was a particularly important indicator of rank, wealth and status, applying equally in the east and in the west.  Many elaborate peytrals are retained in national collections, especially the Moscow Kremlin, Nos. K89, K149, K160, K284, K300, and K412. (see Tesoros del Kremlin, Ceremonial de gala en la Rusia del siglo XVII, 1990).

Kirilova, Martynova, Tijomirova, 1990, Tesoros del Kremlin, Ceremonial de gala en la Rusia del siglo XVII.


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