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Persian or Caucasian Helmet

Date: 18th-19th century

Reference: 045

Status: Sold

Full Description:

A very unusual Persian or Caucasian helmet Khula Khud, the one-piece iron bowl raised from a single piece, and divided into 12? arcades with sunken and gilded borders supporting another inverted row above.  The bowl is surmounted by an unusually large conical mount retaining much original gilding, and with a square section spike.  Three plume sockets of robust construction are fitted to the front of the helmet, together with an adjustable nasal bar with palmette-shaped finials decorated in gold with protective qur’anic inscriptions.  The long camail comprises iron links with copper rivets? and some brass links used for decorative effect?, and applied with gilt silver rondels embossed with qur’anic inscriptions.  The helmet is likely to date from the 18th century or possibly early 19th century.  The place of manufacture is uncertain, and the helmet does not conform to known and expected types.  However the camail is of a type closely associated with both Ottoman and Caucasian helmets, and may provide a starting point for further enquiry.

A similar example is in the reserve collection of the National Museum in Krakow (no.5447).