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Chinese Jade Dagger Handle

Place of Origin: China

Date: 12th-17th Century

Overall Length: 125mm

Reference: 039

Status: Sold

Full Description:

A rare Chinese jade dagger handle.  The light green grey stone is flecked with brown, with the central area having a complex network of reddy brown veins.  The hilt is of baluster form, and has curled quillions with smaller curls at the pommel in a typically Chinese manner.

Hales (2014) notes that many Mughal jade hilts conventionally date from the late 17th to the early 19th century and are of a closely similar form to this hilt.  He suggests that this Chinese hilt may represent the source of the Indian tradition, and adds that Chinese jades can be difficult to date.  Expert opinion on this piece ranges from Southern Song to late Ming (circa 1120-1640) which therefore pre-dates the Mughal hilts in question.

Islamic and Oriental Arms & Armour, R.Hales, 2014, No.57, Page 23.