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Place of Origin: Vizagapatam (India)

Date: late 18th Century

Overall Length: 150mm

Reference: 037

Status: Sold

Full Description:

A beautiful late 18th century bronze betel nut-cutter from South India.  In the form of a celestial female, or ‘Apsara’, the cutter handles represent her legs and wings.  A simple but elegant head and face, with large eyes, a rear hair-bun, and centre hair parting, characteristic of Vizagapatam bronze figures.

When the cutter is closed and at rest, she holds her folded hands, anjali-mudra, out in front, in supplication to a supreme being.  When the cutter is opened the object comes to life, and the top handle rises as if her wings have opened; her hands rise to her fore-head as if she is accepting a blessing bestowed upon her from her lord.