Runjeet Singh is an Antiques dealer based in Warwickshire in the UK. He specialises in Asiatic Arms & Armour and has been involved in the field since 1999. He is well established on the global market and many consider him a leading specialist in his field.

‘I have been interested in history and culture ever since I can remember, and found myself involved in Eastern Arms & Armour in my late teens. My passion and interest never wavered, and I began a long and fascinating journey which has led me into the trade, and study, of Arms & Armour from India and the surrounding countries’.
— Runjeet Singh

Runjeet has assisted collectors into becoming some of the most important and serious collectors in the subject, and supplied to others who are already advanced in their collecting. He has secured well deserved trust and confidence; and has a reputation as a dealer who responsibly sources fine and rare objects. This has led to close relationships with not only the most important collectors, but museums and scholars as well. Runjeet has offered advice, consultation and insurance valuations to his customers, many of whom he has been serving for over 15 years.

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Arms & Armour from the East — Winter 2016

Runjeet is proud to present his second printed catalogue titled ‘Arms & Armour from the East – Winter 2016’. In a striking limited production of A4+ size, Runjeet presents 40 carefully selected examples of Arms, Armour and related objects, prioritising beauty, rarity, condition and quality. Within the group are objects which enable Runjeet to present new research, or are previously unknown or unpublished examples, some of unique form.

The catalogue is priced at £20 plus £8 UK postage and £15 worldwide postage.

Arms & Armour from the East — Winter 2015

Runjeet is proud to present his first printed catalogue titled ‘Arms and Armour from the East – Winter 2015’. A carefully curated collection of 50 items for sale of artistic and academic merit. It is lavishly produced in an A4+ size, and Runjeet hopes it will be a treasured keepsake, valuable reference, as well as a catalogue for all those interested in the field.

The catalogue is priced at £20 plus £8 UK postage and £15 worldwide postage.